About Us

Kid Cactus started on a dining room table in 2013 under the original name of mamacaseprints, named for the screen-printing, tee-slinging, baby-wearing mama, Kacie Case. When the babies outnumbered the arms, Mama Case retired to mom full time.


In 2018, the whole fam hit the road in a 25 foot Airstream (@all.ways.home) and explored most of the Western United States, falling in love with the desert terrain. They returned home to Texas to welcome Brother No. 4. With a more steady pace and their family’s helping hands, Kacie was able to start cranking her creative gears again. 


Kid Cactus Club was created to be a brand that families would be proud to wear and proud to be a part of. We love to play, get dirty, climb, and take care of each other. Sound like you? Join us!